Important Message: MWQB Camps to merge with Jeff Trickey Quarterback Camps in 2019

We are proud to announce that MWQB Camps with be teaming up with Jeff Trickey Quarterback camps during the upcoming camp season in 2019.  We are so fortunate to have been able to share, teach, lead, and develop many Quarterbacks throughout the mid west the last 6 years.  We are excited to get back to work with our former high school head football coach in order to help make Jeff Trickey Quarterback Camps one of the best Quarterback experiences in the country.  In the past, we have worked for Coach Trickey during his start up and there on for over 20 plus years.  After a 6 year hiatus we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to "get the band back together again".  For any more information please go to  


With much love,

Rob Slavens, 

Bill Altmann

and our former MWQB staff..

* Midwest Quarterback Camps are an intense one day quarterback development experience for 4th-12th graders and beyond.  Our camps focus on improving the techniques, mechanics, field awareness, and leadership skills needed for quarterbacks to help their teams be successful.  For continued instruction we also offer 1 on 1, small group, and team sessions all over the world.  We are a world wide service to any Quarterback or person with interest in the Quarterback position.  

Better Players

MWQB Camps will help you refine technique, footwork, passing mechanics and many other physical elements of playing the quarterback position.  Learning to recognize and read defenses will improve the mental side of your game.  At MWQB camps, you will develop the skills you need to be successful in any offensive structure.

Better Leaders

 Leadership Talk

For a quarterback, leadership qualities are just as important as the physical and mental skills needed to excel at the position.  MWQB Camps’ messages on leadership will help you learn to motivate your teammates and gain skills for success both on and off the field.