We love watching home remodeling shows. A pro comes in and has a dreary house looking like a million dollars in a couple of days. Having lived through a real-life kitchen and bath remodel, we know the shows are not entirely true-to-life. However, LutherNet can do exactly that when it comes to websites. Instead of spending months deciding to get a site, months planning a new site, months letting someone design a new site, and months waiting for someone to build that site, you can allow LutherNet to perform a Three Day Website Crash.


Here's what we'll do:

Day 1

  • Assess the current site.
  • Make an offer to migrate based on amount of content and pages.
  • Set up a subdomain to work on the new site live.
  • Install CMS and framework.

Day 2

  • Build the new site.
  • Add custom images, either from old site, sent to us from the church, or from our royalty-free sources.
  • Match old site to new site, trying to keep pages relatively uniform.
  • Test. Resize images. Test some more, checking new versus old.

Day 3

  • Install custom add-ons, like maps, photo albums, and video components.
  • Check the site out on multiple devices and browsers.
  • Make any adjustments.
  • Add your users and their contact forms.
  • Add site to Webmaster Tools for account and optimize
  • Rest

If all you want is a newer, mobile-friendly version of your old site, this is all it takes. Three days (once we get started--lead times depend on when you call). On Day Three, we'll send the new DNS address for you to change the site to our host, and then on Day Four, you've got a brand-new site.

This IS specialized work and it does take a lot of hours. We often work 12-hour days while working on a site. However, we realize that some clients want a quick new site that just takes the old site and makes it better than it ever was, not a year-long laborious endeavor. Usually for less than $1000 and a few days, you can have the website your old website was meant to be.