About a year ago, I had the idea that some churches would pay a little extra for continuous service. It's kind of what I do for Lutheran Radio Church Service. But I was worried about trying to perform the service for churches, since I don't know the individual congregations. That's not really a problem, however, since Luthernet would not be writing any original articles. All we would do is make sure what you write gets put where it belongs: online for others to see.

The basic plan would be pretty simple. You write whatever you want to write, and send it to us however you want to send it. If you currently use an email newsletter, that's fine. If you'd rather email each article, OK. If you want to send a pdf of weekly announcements, we can use it.

Our goal, as your full-service web builder, would be to publish and index all of the content. Yes, we can show you how to do it, but I've started to think that the several extra steps are really what stops churches from having good websites. Leave the last few steps to us. Send a few or a dozen articles. Images or not. We'll add the text and pictures. Google will find your website, and people will find your church.

How much? We are starting out at $100 a month. For this, we'll publish as many articles with related images as you want.

If you want sermons uploaded or archived, that's a bit more. Or if you want lots of image galleries. Send the Youtube or Flickr links and we'll add those to articles as part of the $100.

I know, you have a volunteer. Or you are a pastor who really wants to get around to doing it yourself. That's fine. People searching for churches will wait for you to eventually start adding content to your website. They won't look elsewhere, I'm sure.

If you are in a situation where you produce plenty of content but nothing ends up on the website, you need a service like this. You don't need to Tweet or Like content for other social media outlets. You need real content on your own website, but it takes some time and skill. Let us do what we do well for you.