I knew something was wrong when I couldn't find the website using Google. It's as if the search engine wanted me to stay away. Eventually, I followed enough links to get to Grace Lutheran School's old website. AVG told me to stop, but my Linux computer and mobile device let me in.

Honestly, the website had been a labor of love. And time. Some of the teachers had a lot of content on it. There were some awkward tabs here and there, it was not mobile-friendly, and it kind of felt older, but it was a big website with a lot of positive aspects. But when a website is nearly a decade old and hacked, potential doesn't matter anymore.

Luthernet got a chance to redesign the Grace Lutheran School, JAX, website, and it ended up being one of our greatest resurrections to date. Within one day, Google was seeing it again. The hacked links were gone (nearly 600,000 of them). Teachers, students, and parents would be able to use the website in a way that had been lost for several years.

Instead of just a new website that would be difficult for teachers to use, Luthernet built a fully-user-friendly site. It's set up so that each teacher has a bio page that can also contain vital class info. Each teacher also has a blog. Featured articles always stay at the very top of the blog, while all other articles are listed as last article first. That means teachers can have important links as an article that always stays on top, and have newsletters or assignments populate the articles below. Or, they can decide not to use the blog and just have a home page.

On top of all that, teachers ONLY have permissions to edit their own pages, meaning 3rd grade won't suddenly get an accidental article from the 5th grade teacher. That's not as simple as it might seem, especially when each teacher needs to have permission to publish without administrator permission.

Sports pages are set up the same way. Updated information that can be outdated can be published as articles. General info can be on the home page, along with calendar links.

The rest of the website is pretty standard Luthernet stuff. Striking visuals and easy navigation to go along with tools that the organization can use without an advanced degree in website design.

If you run a small, private school, go ahead and send the link to Grace to your local web design firm. Ask for a quote. Pay special attention to how much it costs to have users with special permissions.

We were also able to transfer the Google emails (set up through the domain name). While Luthernet is not the place for huge organizations with email needs that match, we can certainly integrate Google for Business emails associated with the school.